Federico Decia


The co-founder and CEO of nub7/8 and founder of Nub8. Federico had an early love for engineering nurtured by his father and coworkers. He holds an MBA from F.W Olin Graduate School of Business and a BS in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay.

Federico Decia

His strong believes in customers’ success as the main driver for company’s growth has enable him to close deals with globally known and recognized corporations in the field. Federico has a secret:

People are the key element, the masterpiece in a business as they are the ones that build culture within it.

With strong, humane and inclusive talent, teams are solid and projects can be executed more successfully.
Also, he prioritizes gender equality in leadership positions, where we can see more women in executive roles. Federico states that nub7/8 is a company that focus on building intrapreneurship in all employees as they are the foundation of the business.

For him, positioning nub7/8 with technology lead global companies and gaining their trust has been one of the company’s greatest achievements in its short history. Looking forward, the company aims to consolidate its position as a leader in the customer experience industry for technology companies, as well as to expand globally and acquire new business partners and clients.


Finally, he shares some advice for people who ants to start their own company:

Surround yourself with people who contribute to personal growth and development. Entrepreneurs need strong support and advisory system in order to turn their startup ideas into valuable businesses.