Federico Decia


The co-founder and CEO of nub7/8 and founder of Nub8. Federico had an early love for engineering nurtured by his father and coworkers. He holds an MBA from F.W Olin Graduate School of Business and a BS in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay.

Federico Decia

His strong believes in customers’ success as the main driver for company’s growth has enable him to close deals with globally known and recognized corporations in the field. Federico has a secret:

People are the key element, the masterpiece in a business as they are the ones that build culture within it.

With strong, humane and inclusive talent, teams are solid and projects can be executed more successfully.
Also, he prioritizes gender equality in leadership positions, where we can see more women in executive roles. Federico states that nub7/8 is a company that focus on building intrapreneurship in all employees as they are the foundation of the business.

For him, positioning nub7/8 with technology lead global companies and gaining their trust has been one of the company’s greatest achievements in its short history. Looking forward, the company aims to consolidate its position as a leader in the customer experience industry for technology companies, as well as to expand globally and acquire new business partners and clients.


Finally, he shares some advice for people who ants to start their own company:

Surround yourself with people who contribute to personal growth and development. Entrepreneurs need strong support and advisory system in order to turn their startup ideas into valuable businesses.

Michele Rusinque

Lifecycle Program Manager

An economist with an emphasis on International Finance and has been a Lifecycle Program Manager in nub7/8 since December 2020.
She recognizes all the varied experience gained in a startup, it’s interesting when we see ourselves expanding our knowledge out of our original field of competence, this dynamic energy drives to growth opportunities and being heard. Michele highlights how the company encourages you to be creative, with the value of hard work and ownership that allows not only to share new ideas but to actually see them being implemented.
She describes the work environment as transparent, inclusive, and motivating. There is great communication when it comes to teamwork and this guides employees to be more energized and focused to achieve business and performance goals.

Challenges are everywhere, so the opportunities to learn and grow are enormous, but we must not forget that comfort and fun are also a great value in nub7/8.

Jarik Garizao

Technical Onboarding Specialist

Since May 2020 as a Technical Onboarding Specialist for Software Support, he highlights all the knowledge that he has acquired since he entered, an adventure filled with learning and growth that has added value to both his professional and personal life. As Nub7/8 is so young, our culture is still being structured, but Jarik states it’s focused to be a dynamic one , where you can show yourself as you really are by working in an environment based on respect and values. Something Jarik highlights is the autonomy you have depending on how organized you are with your tasks.

You manage your time, of course, you have responsibilities and goals to meet but depending on how you organize yourself you will have time to study, complete a certificate and even share some time with your colleagues with a cup of coffee.

Camilo Garzón

Data Analyst

An Industrial Engineer who is currently pursuing an specialization in Business Intelligence. He joined Nub7/8 in September 2020 as a Data Analyst, becoming this opportunity his second official job after being a consultant for another company.
Since the onboarding process he was hooked to the workplace culture. During some introductions from his team, leaders and even the CEO of the company, he confirmed how much he wanted to be part of Nub7/8. Camilo highlights that the team is so proactive and collaborative

Teamwork has never been so effortless and effective. This makes you feel supported like you are not alone. There is a whole company behind you to support you and watch you grow.

Laura Muñoz

People Analyst

From Bogotá and she is professional at Business Administration from Javeriana University. During the last 3 years she has been working in human resources area, helping people to find the job which bring happiness, passion and success to their life.
Laura is the People Analyst at nub 7/8, her main job is to find the best talent to our company. A few months ago, she joined nub 7/8 team and she feel that is a company with great people with a good attitude to assume new challenges.

For Laura, working in a Start-up is an experience that give the opportunity to growth professional and personal, learn about a new industry and …

be part of something new that will leave a mark in the CX Industry.

Ricardo Alvis

Offer Advisor

Professional in Public Administration and Business with 8 years of experience in BPOs in multiple internal roles as analyst agent, quality analyst, quality lead, Sales mentor and operation manager. He has been with our company since September 2020as Offer Advisor.
He has been able to witness the growth of the company as well as the opportunities to work in new ideas being involved in numerous projects to improve internal processes. Ricardo considers the company actually listens to him, cares about him. Open doors policy allows him to feel connected within the company, its pleasant environment allows easy and comfortable communication regardless the hierarchical position.

So, he currently enjoys working in Nub7/8, of course, challenges exist but a great teamwork and an efficient time management helps him to overcome them and thus, little by little he contributes with the improvement and progression of the company.

Daniel Villegas

Lifecycle Program Manager

Passionate about business administration; he has acquired empirical knowledge in corporate and sales positions for more than 4 years. Daniel joined nub7/8 thanks to the referral program and is really pleased to be a part of this company. He started in December 2020 as a Lifecycle Program Manager and what stands out the most from his experience is the opportunity to perform in a role where he can contribute according to his skills and expertise, and where having a professional career was not a requirement to demonstrate his ability.
Collectivism is what Daniel highlights out the most within the nub7/8 culture, where it’s prioritizes the well-being of the group over the individual, and where everyone, regardless of their role, is always willing to help each other. He is pleased with the organization and clarity within nub78, and he considers the impact of the company in the sector to be truly outstanding.

Jonathan Luque


A Network technician graduated from SENA, Software technician from INCA Barranquilla center, in recent years he has specialized in networking, routing, switching and worked as a Portfolio Activation Specialist in Security solutions. He joined nub7/8 from the beginning of the company, back in January 2020 and as of December 2020, he has been promoted to a leadership role.
Jonathan believes that nub7/8 highlights and prioritizes skills, experience and who you are as a person. That is why there is a relationship of trust between the company and the employees, which allows the extra mile to be given from each role. He considers that this is reflected in the growth of his peers who have risen work in leadership roles as nub7/8 leverages each other’s competencies to continue evolving.
He is happy to see that nub7/8 is characterized by its culture of respect, solidarity and collaboration and he feels great with the team he leads.

Camilo Ortiz

EA & SS Manager

From Bogota and he’s an Electronic Engineer from UNAD University. He also has other studies in Maintenance, computers, mobile equipment, automobile industry, International Business and right now he is finishing a specialization in Project Management.
He has been with nub7/8 for one year and a half. When he arrived, he began aa an Operation Supervisor. From the beginning he was surrounded by growth from his collages. Recently he participated in the assessment for a new role and got it. That role was the Operation Manager position.
He believes that working in a Start -up company is a great opportunity to give out new ideas and learn more about Customer Experience. He also considers  that this is the moment to share knowledge and ideas with his coworkers, to learn how to lead a department and develop his leadership skills.
Honesty, quality, good analytic skills, resilience, and lifelong learning are part of the core culture in nub7/8, says Camilo.

The company is inclusive and diverse given that we work with lawyers, architects, teachers, psychologist, among others and that talent is a huge value to the company.

Gabriela Mantovani

OA Supervisor

From San Juan, Puerto Rico, U.S and she is a Psychologist with organizational emphasis. She has several years of experience working in different environments within the technology adoption sector, especially related to customer experience.
Gabriela enjoys working at nub7/8 as an Offer Advisor Program Supervisor because it is a dynamic and changing environment where you can have the chance to propose new ideas. She has been with the company for the last 8 months and has been a fascinating and challenging experience at the same time, having the opportunity to work with a world class team and learning new skills every day to exceed customer expectations.

Nub 7/8 is a diverse team, with highly qualified people with different backgrounds, customer obsessed and passionate about their duties.

David Torres


From Bogota and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Philology.
He currently works at nub7/8 as a Portfolio Activation Specialist and has been with the company since June 2020. Having the opportunity to lead some internal projects, by combining personal interest and work-related skills, has been a refreshing experience for David. He believes nub7/8 is a great place to share with people from various professional backgrounds providing different perspectives and that are passionate to create spaces to learn and to promote continual improvement.
He considers that Nub7/8 is a company that cares about their employees and provides them with tools to keep growing in personal and professional ways. Every position at nub7/8 is important to contribute with new ideas and everyone has a positive impact in the team.