We are nub7/8

We are specialized in Customer Experience and Lifecycle support.

Our capable team provides an outstanding service thanks to their extensive experience and the use of the latest technologies and techniques in the market. At nub7/8, we have become strategic allies to our clients contributing to the optimization of their products and services.

The digital revolution is changing the way organizations interact with their customers and companies are proactively seeking to enhance their customer experiences. As a result, nub7/8 disrupts the market with a high level of excellence in customer experience, as our goal is to transform the industry with innovative opportunities for talent around the world.

We are nub7/8

what we do

Combine technology, analytics, best practices and human talent

In the creation of boutique, tailor-made and specialized services that generate differentiating value to technology companies in their customer experience and lifecycle processes.
Who we want to be

Transforming the Customer Experience industry

Through innovation, reliable service and the highest quality standards always creating opportunities for talent around the world.
These are the values which guide our decisions

Our Skills

Key Success Factors

We are proud of our journey an we want to share our path